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How to Handle Jealousy

What is jealousy?

It’s a sense of discontentment or “resentful longing” that stems from someone else’s good fortune (possessions, characteristics, or luck).

Where does jealousy come from?

Essentially, it is borne out of insecurity. Specifically, it can be from:

  • fear of rejection
  • fear of “I’ll never…”
  • fear of not being or having enough
  • lack of confidence
  • lack of self-worth
  • lack of appreciation for what one already has


What jealousy looks like:

The manifestation of jealousy is not so different in adults as compared to kids. Kids who are the object of jealousy often shed tears and wonder why they’re being picked on, while the kids who are jealous often:

  • tease or make fun of the object of their envy
  • show off or act out in other ways
  • make mean-spirited comments or start rumors

In adults, we see:

  • rumors being spread
  • sour grapes (who cares; it wasn’t so great anyway)
  • eye rolling
  • dismissive comments or actions
  • snide comments or snarkiness

What if jealousy is being suppressed?

Most of us as children were taught that jealousy is an ugly emotion or that it’s not OK to feel jealous or envious. In fact, in some cultures, envy is considered one of the seven deadly sins — talk about your extreme taboo! It’s easy to see why we would feel the need to suppress an emotion like jealousy.

Many times, jealousy and competition go hand in hand. A person who is suppressing feelings of jealously may transfer this energy into an extremely competitive spirit. You may know someone who is your dear friend off the court, but turns into a brutal barbarian during the game. This can often be a sign of suppressed jealousy, leaking out in an alternative format.

If you hear of someone’s good fortune, and you feel a twinge of something but quickly suppress it — that is likely jealousy. If you hear of someone’s good luck and immediately begin to over-praise or over-congratulate them, that is also likely a sign of suppressed jealousy (overcompensation).

How to handle jealousy from others:

It’s no fun to be the object of someone’s envy. It can dampen your spirits and make you feel less willing to share your excitement. Here’s what you can do:

  • Clearing work. Often times, when you can’t point to any reason a person feels jealous of you, or if you sense they’ve always felt jealous of you, it’s likely this jealousy originated from a past life. Likewise, you may have some hidden blocks around receiving these good blessings, so you’ve inadvertently created animosity around your good fortune. That is definitely worth looking at and clearing, wouldn’t you agree?
  • Do not engage. You might feel inclined to be extra-nice to this person, in an attempt to win them over, or to demonstrate your generosity. However, this is rarely a good path to take. It’s best not to engage with this person, as they likely have feelings or judgments about themselves and their jealousy, and you trying to be nice will only feel like the hornet’s nest is being poked!
  • Distance is OK. It’s perfectly fine for you to create some distance from the person, especially if you are actively working to resolve the issue(s) with yourself or between the two of you. Distancing yourself from the person/people is not a smart long-term solution, but it can work very well in the short-term to give you space to look objectively at the underlying issue(s).
  • Protection. In some cases, it may be necessary to create some form of protection around yourself if the jealous person is being truly mean-spirited. Yes, practice compassion and forgiveness, but that doesn’t mean make yourself a doormat.

How to resolve your own jealousy:

  • Clearing work. Look within to find the underlying source of your jealousy (or, if you find it difficult to be objective, use a tool like the Spiritual Ass Kicker’s Discovery Deck). Clear your blocks as well as any past life betrayals that may be lingering between the two of you.
  • Do not engage. Remember what grandma always said…”If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This will help prevent you from saying something you may later regret.
  • Distance is OK. It’s perfectly fine for you to create some distance from the person, especially if you are actively working to resolve the issue(s) with yourself or between the two of you. Distancing yourself from the person/people is not a smart long-term solution, but it can work very well in the short-term to give you space to look objectively at the underlying issue(s).
  • Love thyself. Because jealousy is often rooted in insecurity, it makes sense that the more self-love you practice and cultivate, the less likely you’ll be to feel jealous of anyone else. Not to mention all the other benefits that accompany a stronger sense of self-love! You can begin by simply affirming, “I am worthy.”
  • Be grateful. The practice of gratitude is simple, yet profound. When we are jealous, we are entirely focused on what we don’t have, and we can’t stand seeing others have that which we lack. Consider this quote from The Secret Garden: “Where you tend a rose, thistle can’t grow.” Sow seeds of gratitude in your garden by becoming profoundly aware of all that you DO have, and you will find your focus shifts away from what you do not possess. It works!

Post a comment and let me know how this article has helped you resolve jealousy. And share it with those who can benefit from reading this!

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How to Trust Yourself, Part 6 of 6

Welcome back to part 6, the final installment of our mini-series on self-trust. In this segment, we’re continuing the conversation with three more methods for fostering more self-trust. Enjoy!

Method #5: Tap into higher consciousness

 Sometimes, when it seems impossible to trust ourselves, it can be a bit easier to trust in a power that is higher/greater than ourselves. I’m not here to tell you what you believe, but most of us do feel there is a higher connectedness among living beings. Whether you call that higher connection God, the Universe, or Captain Omniscie-Pants, is totally up to you. But if you believe it exists, connect with it, and draw energy and wisdom from it. If we were all truly created from a Divine Spark, then tap into that inner spark and ask it to guide you. The trick then is to LISTEN when it’s guiding you. In my Boom books, I talk about how to connect to universal energy through your crown chakra.

UNSTUCK-ROTATOR Method #6: Break negative patterns

 Did you read my series of posts on How to Get Unstuck? I believe it’s in part 1 or 2, but I explain a method I call the Pattern Shatter. It’s wildly effective and powerful, and yet oh-so-simple to do. Here’s a quick refresher:

Fortunately, while it may take at least 21 days to begin to form a new habit, it only takes a split second decision to invoke a Pattern Shatter. Seriously, that’s it! In an instant, you can shatter a pattern by simply choosing a different action. Getting into the same discussion with a co-worker all too often? Next time the person brings it up, do the exact opposite of whatever you normally do in response. For example, if they are complaining about the temperature in the office and you usually try to abate them with reasoning about why it’s always set at 72 degrees, or something like that, what if THIS time, you pick up your phone and make a phone call. Not to anyone about the thermostat, of course, but simply to anyone else about anything at all. Or what if you just stood up and walked to the rest room for a quick potty break (or not)? Your co-worker will be forced to respond differently because you have altered the pattern.

While the example here is related to shattering a pattern with another person, you can use the same method to shatter negative patterns with yourself. How do you normally respond to your own negative self-talk? What if, next time it happens, you simply interrupt the thought with “No!” or “Cancel that!” and then create a new, more positive, more supportive thought in its place? Try it and watch what happens.

 Method #7: Associate with more like-minded peeps

We can’t help it – we wind up talking like, acting like, thinking like the people we spend the most time with. So if some of the people in your life are negative, then it might be time to upgrade your social circle. My Clearing of the Month Club is a great place to meet like-minded peeps who are ready and willing to accept and support you! Plus you get access to tons of audio clearings, and new episodes of the Half Hour of Universal Awesomeness. You can learn more and join here.

Hey congrats! You made it through the entire series on self-trust. We’ve covered what self-trust is and why it matters, why you may not totally trust yourself, where self-doubt comes from, the signs and symptoms of self-doubt, how intuition plays into the mix, and seven ways to foster self-trust. Please post a comment if you enjoyed this series, and tell me what else you’d like to learn about. Oh and naturally – be sure to implement what you’ve learned in this series, so you can trust yourself, grow your intuition, and have a happier, more fulfilling life.

Go for it.

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Wondering what this pivotal month of September holds for you? Check out this short video explanation of an energy reading for the month…. additionally, Mercury is retrograde throughout most of September, and it’s a biggie – this marks the end of a nine year period of struggle. Can I get an amen to that?!?!

How to Trust Yourself, Part 5 of 6

Are you ready to take the leap? You will once you read this final installment in the Self-Trust mini-series.

We are getting close to wrapping up the Self-Trust mini series here, but first, let’s cover the part I know you’ve been waiting for: how to foster self-trust (and eliminate self-doubt).


 Method #1: Clear the doubt

For starters, self-doubt can be cleared, just like any block or limiting belief. I won’t go into that right now (since I’ve written an entire book on the subject: 1-2-3 Clarity: How to Banish Blocks, Doubts, Fears, and Limiting Beliefs Like a Spiritual Badass) but suffice to know that regardless of where/when your self-doubt originated, you can be freed from that doubt, and it’s actually easier than you think. (Did I mention the book is available on Amazon?)

Method #2: Listen to the nudges

Remember in the last installment we talked about getting an intuitive “hit” and then not listening? One of the simplest (though not always easy!) ways to grow self-trust is to start listening to those intuitive nudges, without second-guessing yourself. Got a “hit” to take an umbrella even though the sky is crystal clear? Do it. Maybe you’ll discourage a mugger who sees you walking around with a big ol’ umbrella on a sunny day. BONUS: The more you listen, the more the Universe starts talking. In other words, you can expect your intuition to grow as a by-product of this.

Method #3: Use Truth Testing

Truth Testing is a great tool to help you learn to trust yourself. With trust testing, you have an objective method for testing to see what is true, so you don’t have to worry about “is that real?” if you can simply check in to discern the truth. For full details on this, pick up a copy of my book, “Pendulum Mojo: How to Use Truth Testing for Clarity, Confidence, and Peace of Mind.” Available on Amazon.

Method #4: Relax

I know, it sounds too simple, right? But the more relaxed you are, the easier it is to quiet that nagging voice of doubt inside your head. Meditate, take naps, go for relaxing walks, take bubble baths—whatever helps you to relax and unwind. The more relaxed you are, the less room there is for self-doubt, and the more space you give yourself for self-trust. Additionally, when you nurture and take care of yourself, you are reinforcing the idea that you have value. And when you feel you have self-worth, then self-trust is far more likely to join the party, too.

OK y’all come on back y’hear? We’ve got one more round to this self-trust rodeo and you’re gonna gain a lot (not weight, of course) so remember to check out the final installment!