Curious? Take a Peek at My Human Design

Do you know about Human Design? If not, read this (from me). If so, here’s a peek at my chart.

Amy Grant Human Design Summary

Amy Grant is a Generator with a 5/2 profile.  She is an energetic person with the lasting energy to accomplish what she commits to and is designed to work.  Her 5/2 makes her a private person who projects an image that people relate to and they expect a lot from her.  She is a natural leader and teacher.

Amy is self-centered with the 10-57 channel of Survival, the 10-34 channel of Exploration and the 34-57 channel of Power.  With the 10-34 she has strong convictions about what makes her feel right about what she can do with people – sometimes in unusual ways.    In addition, she has the 54-32 channel of Transformation which gives her the drive to be at the top of her game while working with people.

When Amy commits to a project or program she will put energy into it to accomplish what is needed and feel good about it with the 20-46 channel of Discovery.  Time is not an issue with this channel.  She also fascinates people with the 5th line in her dominant 1 gate of Creativity.  She comes up with highly individual solutions that are part of her direction in life as determined by the 2 gate of Receptivity.

Amy’s most dominant feature is the 9-52 format channel of Concentration.  This gives her the focus to accomplish what is needed in her life and it lifts her into another realm as it did with Steve Jobs and does with others such as Tiger Woods.  This channel is part of the Understanding circuit where Amy has the definition to work with people to help improve the future of their lives.  She is able to easily express the complexity of what she offers with the 62 gate of Expressed Details.

The life theme of Defiance describes her overall approach to life where she does not easily accept interference from others and lives out her individuality.  She is also a fountain of knowledge with the 48 gate of the Well and looks after her prosperity with the 45 gate of Gathering Together.

Overall, Amy is designed to help people improve their lives in an organized and somewhat unique way and she comes up with solutions that will resonate with her clients.


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